Experience since 2007

UTS is the leading provider of Sustainable Innovative Engineering Solutions to SADCs Engineering industries, with a particular focus on commeercial industrial mechenical HVAC space. Usizo Technical services has a diverse presence in the Southern African Region focused on providing value proposition in Engineering Facility Solutions

Our company was founded in 2007 as a local enterprise manufacturing various products and providing services for other industrial companies. We focus on long-term and sustainable development concepts.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Implementation of sustainable customr satisfaction initiatives
  • Implementation of UTS way (UTS unique calture responsive to the environment the company is functioning in)
  • Increase the use of systems in the organisation
  • Efficient application and use of resources
  • Improve the competence of our employees

Our History

We started to provide top-notch Innovative Engineering solutions for industrial and commercial clients.

We greatly increased the level of production and sales of metal products.

SO 9001: 2020 Compliance - In 2020 we complleted our fulll ISO coompliances

Social Responsibility

We are glad to define ourselves as one of socially responsible companies. At UTS we understand we’re a part of our community and do everything to support it.